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What is Funraising?

Funraising is a technology platform helping charities, foundations and other fundraisers to continue their efforts online through a series of hosted events, at minimal cost. Founded in the unfortunate times of COVID-19 where there is intense pressure on everyone to maintain any sense of normality, there is even more burden placed on charities who can no longer continue their usual fundraising efforts.

A small and dedicated team at Cedita branched out to create software that can help them continue these efforts, on a not-for-profit basis. By analysing other businesses that try to help, as well as speaking with a number of those affected, Funraising was created to fill gaps and ensure maximum returns to charities whilst keeping players engaged.

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What's in it for Fundraisers

Funraising fees


to cover costs

average of


returns on funds*

We've kept the costs down so that you can keep your returns up. Combine that with our extremely easy-to-use software, you'll be raising funds virtually in no time.

In under a minute, you can have your event up with custom: Questions, Entry Price, Prize Positions.

Funds raised from virtual events are sent to you within 3 days of completion.

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What's in it for Players

All of our virtual events are competitive and real-time, meaning that you're playing with others every time you're using the site. Invite your friends and family to compete against you to raise funds for a good cause, whilst showing them who's boss!

All you need to do is get a Funraising account, find your favourite charities and sign up for their events. We'll remind you before it starts so that you can get ready to play!

Cash prizes are available for top spots of every event you partake in, with payouts made within 3 days of completion.

* Return on funds is purely based on (Funds Raised - Funraising's Cost-Covering Fee - Costs of Payment Acquisition - Prize Pool). As an example, an event configured to be £3.50 per entry, with 3 prize pools of 8%, 5% and 3%, would result in returns of 76%. This can be higher or lower depending on the configuration of your event, a sample calculation of which will be presented upon event creation.