Low-cost, invaluable online fundraising

With Funraising's Platform, you can launch virtual interactive events to raise funds for your organisation in minutes. We take care of everything for you.

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Top 3 Payouts

Instant %-based payouts for up to 3 winners per event

Unlimited Players

We don't restrict your fundraising efforts, make your events available to all

0.9% Fee

We only charge enough to cover costs, with full revenue breakdown

Welcome to Funraising. We help charitable organisations raise money online.

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Our Method

Funraising offers you the opportunity to raise invaluable funds for your chosen cause, through participation in virtual quizzes, puzzles and other technology-led events online at any time.

  1. Fundraisers create their event and share with players
  2. Players sign up and purchase their ticket
  3. Event plays out at specified time
  4. Fundraiser is paid out, as well as the winners
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